Delivery Specs

Film Delivery Specifications

Full spec sheet for OMF/AAF and reference video can be found HERE.

Mastering Delivery Specifications

  • Please remove all signal processing (analog or digital) from the master buss.
  • Please submit your files at the full/original recording resolution in the WAVE or AIFF file type. (i.e. 24 Bit/48 KHz WAVE File)
  • Please submit your mixes with at least 3 dB of peak headroom. Peaks below -6 dBFS are preferred.
  • Please include CD text, ISRC codes, UPC/EAN codes and any other metadata you want encoded into the finish product via email.
  • For vinyl mastering, please read this document.

Mixing Delivery Specifications

  • Please submit DAW project files from Pro Tools or Logic Pro only. For Projects coming from Ableton, Cubase, or other platform please export stem files in WAVE format.
  • For Pro Tools sessions, please submit a “Save Copy In” Pro Tools session that includes all audio files, necessary tracks, and the plugin settings folder.
  •  For Logic Pro sessions, please submit the project as a folder instead of a “packaged” file.
  • Please consolidate or render down any comp tracks, edits, or specific processing that’s necessary. In regards to processing, please include the original unprocessed audio (on it’s own adjacent track) along with the rendered version.
  • Please clearly label all tracks and clip/region names. Also, please make sure the session name includes the date in the title.
  • Please organize mix groups by color coding and track layout. DO NOT leave any tracks hidden or inactive.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions.


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