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The Mastering Process

Professional mastering enhances a recording to it’s full potential and is an indispensable step in music production. A blend of technical and artistic skill assures that your recording will sound excellent in every listening environment. This is achieved by applying analog and digital processing to establish a cohesive, sonically clear, and well balanced finished product. Error correction, audio sweetening, and metadata implementation can also be applied to prepare an artists music for mass production. One of the most, if not the most, valuable aspect of mastering is having a trained professional hear your music with fresh ears through a sonically accurate monitoring system.


A full gear list can be seen upon request.


Please contact me to negotiate the appropriate rate for your project. (949) 310-5270


-- First and foremost, in order to optimize the mastering process it is critical to remove all signal processing (analog or digital) from the master buss. Submitting the raw mix, free of any signal processing on the output, allows the mastering engineer to preserve clarity and bring the mix to the desired level in the cleanest way possible.

-- Please submit your files at the full/original recording resolution in the WAVE or AIFF file type. For example, if the original recording was captured at 24 bit/96KHz, then that’s what should be submitted. Please do NOT upsample or downsample bit rates or sample rates.

-- For best results, please submit your mixes with at least 3 dB of peak headroom. Peaks below -6 dBFS are preferred, but peaks below -3 dBFS will work.

-- Depending on the project, stems may be submitted instead of a stereo mix. In this case, each stem must have the same timestamp (or starting point) and be named appropriately.

-- Please include CD text, ISRC codes, UPC/EAN codes and any other metadata you want encoded into the finish product via email.

-- For preparing mixes that will be mastered to vinyl, please click here.


Photography by Maryam Khatami