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Sound For Film

Crafting the audio dimensions of a film requires collaboration, creativity, technical expertise, and extreme attention to detail - all of which is done with the utmost care in regard to the client's intentions. Having worked with some of the most well known documentary film makers in the country, I know exactly how important your film is to you, and just how to treat it. My work has been featured at Sundance, SXSW, corporate trade shows, and more. Feel free to contact me, to discuss the perfect audio package for your project.


           -- Custom Sound Design

           -- Original Music Composition

           -- Dialogue, Ambience, and Sound FX Editing

           -- ADR, Voice Over, and Foley Recording

           -- Audio Restoration/Noise Reduction

           -- Audio Sweetening

           -- Extensive Sound Library

           -- Mixing for Required Delivery Specifications

Delivery Specifications

Please call me (949) 310-5270 to discuss you project’s specs in detail. Every project is different and might require specific exporting modifications to ensure proper playback and sync on my end. These general guidelines should be helpful.


           -- Please send me a Quicktime video file using the PhotoJPEG codec if possible. If not, a DVCPro, or DVNTSC will work fine. Please avoid inter frame codecs like H.264.

           -- Please include a timecode window burn in either the top left or right corner of the screen.

           -- Please include a 5 second pre roll with 2 pop and tail pop.

           -- Please make sure to include your audio mix in the Quicktime export. This is used as my guide track.

           -- Any EDL’s, production sound reports, or documentation including the frame rate and mixing specs for delivery.


           -- Please submit OMF files as encapsulated audio. If you exceed the 2GB OMF file limit contact me.

           -- Please include 3 second handles in your OMF.

           -- It’s best to keep the audio in it’s original resolution. Typically 16 bit, 48KHz.

           -- Any additional room tone, ambience, or B roll will need to be submitted as well.

*** Submitting raw audio as individual tracks in WAVE format, instead of an OMF, is also acceptable. Here’s how to do so:

            -- Solo one track at a time in your editor. Choose File> Export> Audio as> WAVE file. (AIFF’s are okay too)

            -- PLEASE make sure all of you exports (audio and video) start from the SAME POINT in the timecode!

            -- Please name each file appropriately.


Photography by Maryam Khatami